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Our philosophy

Services at SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH), formerly The Hincks-Dellcrest Treatment Centre, are influenced by two major principles:
  1. respect for the inherent dignity of all persons; and
  2. responsibility to be of maximum benefit to the individuals served and to the community at large.
In the context of these principles, all service activities reflect five core values:

Responsiveness to community need. The importance of identifying and being responsive to community need, and of being accountable to the community.

Individualization. The need for service to be personalized and to be tailored to a holistic understanding of clients' unique patterns of strengths, resources, and needs.

Client involvement. Respect for the right of each client to be involved in service decisions and to be as self-determining as possible, limited only by the right of others to be equally self-determining and to be protected from harm.

Normalization. Recognition of and respect for the many types of diversity within the community, and for the normal routines and rhythms of life, as well as for the importance of adapting services to the key roles and strengths of individuals, families, and cultural and community life.

Continuity of care. The importance of receiving services that are well planned, coordinated, and integrated.

In addition to our core values, we believe that:
  • mental health problems are common, and seeking help to prevent or overcome them is a sign of health and strength;
  • no infant, child, or youth exists in isolation; therefore, to prevent or overcome mental health problems, services need to work and collaborate with relevant family, school, and community systems; and
  • each infant, child, youth, and family is different; therefore, knowledge of and respect for their unique strengths, resources, needs, and culture are essential to the selection, design, and helpfulness of services.