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Assessment and treatment services


SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH) provides a variety of mental health assessment and treatment services for infants, children and youth, aged birth up to 18 years, and their families. These services are voluntary, meaning the youth (aged 12 years and older) and their family agrees to participate in treatment.

Services are provided under four programs: Outpatient services, Intensive In-home Treatment, Day Treatment and Residential Treatment

All services are provided by interdisciplinary teams that may include social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, child and youth practitioners and creative arts therapists, based on the individual needs of each client. As a teaching centre affiliated with the University of Toronto and other universities and colleges, some services are provided by mental health professionals who are completing their clinical training with us in concert with our staff. Trainees are closely supervised by an experienced mental health practitioner.

Voluntary treatment services at CCMH are funded largely by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Accessing treatment

Outpatient and Day Treatment services: Access to Outpatient services and Day Treatment services is available through our Central Intake office. Intakes are generally completed over the phone but may be completed in person, at either our Jarvis location or Sheppard location. To inquire about these services or to make a referral, please call the CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 or email us at Families may self-refer.

Who can access services?: While anyone is welcome to call Central Intake for more information about the services we provide, please note that the custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) must call Central Intake directly to begin the formal intake process for Outpatient or Day Treatment services. Please also note that in Ontario, under the Child and Family Services Act, children aged 12 and older may request services on their own behalf.

Intensive In-home Treatment service and Residential Treatment services for CCMH are accessed through Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS), operated by Skylark Children, Youth and Families Centre on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services. Referrals to these services must be made by other service providers. Your service provider (e.g. therapist, case manager, CAS worker) can contact Skylark at 416-482-7884 or visit their website at

Families are welcome to call the CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 to obtain more information about our in-home and residential treatment.

1. Outpatient services

At CCMH, we provide a wide range of specialized assessment and treatment services on an outpatient basis.

Specialized assessments

Comprehensive mental health assessments are provided to children and youth ranging in age from 0 to 18 years of age who are experiencing social and/or emotional difficulties, and where there is a question of an undiagnosed mental health issue. Some areas of specialization include assessments for children and youth who are questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation, trauma-informed assessments, and assessments for children and their families who have a history of migration that may be impacting on the child’s mental health.

Treatment services

Family therapy: Most families who contact CCMH for Outpatient services begin with family therapy services. Here, the family will meet with one of our therapists who will work with your child and family to understand the challenges that have brought you to our centre. Collaboratively, the therapist will help the family develop goals for treatment that meet the individualized needs of the child. The structure and frequency of the sessions will depend on the treatment goals. Typically, families attend sessions weekly or bi-weekly and various members of the family attend, depending on the needs.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy is an integral part of the treatment services we offer at CCMH. Most children and youth will be able to access this service once a thorough assessment has been completed, either through the family therapy service or one of our specialized assessment services. We offer a variety of treatment approaches to match the needs of the child or youth’s presenting issues.

Parent groups: CCMH offers a variety of parent groups that focus on education for parents on various challenges their children may be facing. As well, these groups serve as an opportunity for parents to meet other parents whose children are facing similar challenges and offer support to one another. CCMH provides groups for parents of children and youth who have challenges with regulating their emotions and difficulty socializing. The groups are led by one of the mental health practitioners in the centre.

Children’s groups: CCMH offers a variety of children and youth groups that focus on addressing their challenges within a group setting. The groups focus on helping children and youth develop skills in socializing, learning how to manage their emotions more effectively and develop relationships with other children and youth who may be facing similar challenges.

French language services – Espace Jeunesse: In partnership with the Centre Francophone (CF), CCMH provides mental health services for francophone children and youth between the ages of 0 and 18 years, and their families.

French-speaking social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists from CCMH work with CF staff to help children and youth experiencing intimidation, conflicts with friends and family, sadness, anxiety, isolation, anger, self-esteem issues, substance abuse, and preoccupation with body image.

All French language services are delivered at the Centre Francophone site and include:
  • Consultation and support in the school environment;
  • Individual and/or family assessments;
  • Individual and/or family therapy and counselling;
  • Programs and workshops for young people at school and in the community;
  • Specialized (psychological and psychiatric) assessments.
For further information about our French language services, please call 416-922- 2672, ext. 294 or 257.

2. Intensive In-home Treatment program

The Intensive In-home Treatment program provides in-home mental health services for children aged 6-12 and their families/caregivers living within the City of Toronto. The program is designed to assist children who are at risk of out-of-home placement (hospital/residential) due to significant emotional, behavioural or psychiatric challenges; feel a barrier to accessing services at an outpatient mental health setting; have had challenges meeting their treatment needs using a less intensive clinical service model; and do not require specialized cognitive, developmental, and/or behavioural services. The Intensive In-home Treatment program is flexible, with hours that are dictated by the needs of the child and family. The family and treatment team will work together on a time-limited basis (two to four sessions per week for up to six months) around modest goals that are specific, practical and achievable. Sessions will focus on in-the-moment home support that involves implementing routines, structures and expectations, as well as learning and practicing new skills such as problem solving, understanding and managing behaviour and emotions, and building healthy relationships within the family system. The Intensive In-home Treatment team consists of an interprofessional staff of child and youth practitioners, child and family therapists, social workers, a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

For more information about our Intensive In-home Treatment program, please call the CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708. Referrals to this program must be made through Toronto’s Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS) at 416-482-7884.

3. Day Treatment services

CCMH offers Day Treatment programs for children and youth who are experiencing significant and chronic social, emotional or behavioural challenges that prevent them from being successful within a community school setting.

We offer three Day Treatment programs:
  • one for children aged six to 12 at our Sheppard site;
  • one for adolescents aged 14 to 17 at our Jarvis site;
  • one for adolescents aged 14 to 17 at Central Toronto Academy.
Using an integrated approach, these programs strive to meet the needs of each client through an individualized therapeutic plan. Within a therapeutic classroom environment, clients may have access to the following services: specialized psychiatric or psychological assessments if required during service; case coordination/management; family therapy; parent skill building; parent/child groups; individual therapy for the child (if needed); and specialized academic programing, including but not limited to an Individualized Education Plan. The services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team composed of child and youth practitioners, child and family therapists, psychologists, nurses and psychiatrists, in conjunction with teachers from the Toronto District School Board.

To inquire about these services or to make a referral, please call the CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 or email us at

Families may self-refer; however, please note that our classroom at Central Toronto Academy requires that youth have an external case manager.

4. Intensive services for youth

SickKids CCMH offers adolescents (aged 14 to 17; male/female/gender variant) an intensive treatment program for youth with significant mental health needs. Clients served in intensive treatment may have multiple mental health diagnoses and co-morbid conditions resulting in serious challenges with social, emotional and behavioural functioning. 

The program is family-based, located in downtown Toronto, and provides a day-based service combined with residential treatment when needed. Residential admissions are time-limited and goal-focused.

Youth in this program attend one of four Toronto District School Board Section 23 classrooms while receiving individual, group, family and milieu therapy. 1 

The Intensive services for youth program must be accessed through Toronto’s Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS) at 416-482-7884. The CARS process requires that an existing service provider make the referral. Potential clients wanting assistance with the CARS referral can call the CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708.

1 The creation of a therapeutic environment in which the programing, activities and social interactions are arranged and designed according to the child’s social, emotional and behavioural needs.