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International Program Country Partners

Canadian Partner:

  • Christian Children's Fund of Canada (CCFC)

Names of Country Partners:

  1. Bala Mandir Research Foundation and Kamaraj Trust (Regd.), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, with their local sub-partners in 3 additional states
  2. Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning, Pakistan
  3. Asociacion de Comunidades Rurales para el Desarrollo de El Salvador (CRIPDES), El Salvador.
  4. Centro Esperanza, Chiclayo, Peru
  5. Aldersgate College, Philippines
  6. International Child Care, Haiti
  7. CCFC Field Offices in
    1. Burkina Faso,
    2. Nicaragua, and
    3. Paraguay
Thank you to:
  • Canadian International Development Agency for financial support.
  • Donors who have made this project possible.
  • SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health staff who have generously volunteered their time.