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The "Learning Through Play" program has for many years been successful in introducing new and enjoyable ways for parents to nurture and play with their children at each stage of development.
Each time parents play, talk, touch and respond to their children in a loving manner, they make a significant difference.
The calendars, game and magnets are filled with important activities that will benefit children and their parents and are valuable tools to assist in getting these ideas across to parents.

Learning Through Play calendar covers


For many years parents have enjoyed using the Learning Through Play calendars, "From Birth to Three Years" and "From Three to Six Years". The pictures in the calendars depict activities that  parents can do with their children through the different stages of their development.  They promote physical growth, relationship building and understanding of the world, communication and sense of self.
Learning Through Play magnet samples


The Parenting Magnets come in both English and Spanish and can be purchased separately or in sets of 8.
They offer attractive reminders for parents regarding common parenting issues.
The topics of the magnets are:
When a Child Misbehaves; Why Children Misbehave; Preventing Misbehaviour in Your Child; Making Rules for Young Children 
Parents are Special; Praise Your Child; Communicating with Children; and I Need You To Play With Me Because… (only in English).
Learning Through Play game board


The game consists of child development cards from birth to six years; focusing on five areas of development, sense of self, physical, relationships, understanding the world and communication.  The facilitator can choose the specific topic areas and age ranges that are most beneficial for their intended population.  The game also includes an 80-page facilitator's guide.  It is recommended that the game always be played with a trained facilitator.
      Growing Up Safely booklet cover


Injuries are one of the main causes of death and hospital visits for young children.
Most injuries can be prevented.  Many parents ask:
"What kind of injuries can happen?" "How can I make my home safer?" "What safety rules should I use?"
This booklet has tips to help children in Growing Up Safely.
Learning Through Play In My Own Way cover


This resource is based upon the highly successful original calendars:
"Learning Through Play from Birth to Three Years" and "Three to Six Years".
In this enhanced resource, the Physical and Communication areas have been included as well. To recognize that all children develop differently, each area of development can be separated in order to create a unique profile of the child. This will help parents to provide developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate all areas of their child's development.

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