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COVID-19 update: SickKids CCMH is open for limited in-person services onsite and in the community, and continues to offer virtual services. In-person appointments are offered based on client needs. Virtual care remains fully accessible. During the continuing pandemic, we remain committed to providing access to services and will adjust service models to respond to the changing situation. See full update

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH) provides a variety of mental health assessment and treatment services for infants, children and youth, aged birth up to 18 years, and their families. SickKids CCMH is working closely with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to create a seamless path of mental health care for children and youth from hospital to community.

All services are provided by interprofessional teams that may include social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists, child and youth care practitioners and creative arts therapists. Services are deployed based on the individual needs and preferences of each client and their family. All SickKids services are voluntary (children and families agree to participate).

As a teaching centre affiliated with the University of Toronto and other universities and colleges, some services are provided by mental health professionals who are completing their clinical training with us in concert with our staff. Trainees are closely supervised by an experienced mental health practitioner.

Services are funded largely by the Government of Ontario.

Accessing service: overview

To start a referral, contact the SickKids CCMH Central Intake office.

Phone: 416-924-1164, ext. 8708



During COVID-19, intake screening will be completed over the phone.

Intake will work with the family to ensure clients are directed to the best service for their needs. The formal intake process must be initiated by the custodial parent(s) or guardian(s).

SickKids CCMH is part of the SickKids mental health continuum of services including hospital services and the TeleLink Mental Health Program which offers both urban and rural telepsychiatry virtual services – these services are open as well.

To arrange a referral to hospital outpatient services, call the Mental Health Access Program at 416-813-7005.

For inquiries concerning services in the TeleLink Mental Health Program, call 1-877-507-7301.
For information regarding all Toronto child mental health services, visit

Prevention and Early Intervention Services 

SickKids CCMH provides accessible prevention and early intervention programs and services for infants, children, youth, caregivers and community professionals at no charge. These programs focus on enhancing children’s social skills and supporting their emotional needs. Programs and supports are located in specific neighbourhoods based on funding and resources.

Programs may include parent groups, parent-child groups, individual child support, home-visiting community presentations, information resources and consultations to community caregivers.

Funding for our prevention and early intervention programs is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, the City of Toronto Children's Services, the Public Health Agency of Canada and Toronto Public Health.

For more information on our Prevention programs and services, please call 416-924-1164, ext. 8710 or email  

EarlyON programs

EarlyON Child and Family Centre offers a range of quality drop-in and registered programs that are free and open to parents, caregivers and their children from birth to age 6. We have programs near Keele Ave. and Sheppard Avenue and also at Bathurst St. and Finch Ave.

EarlyON calendar

There are many other EarlyON Centres across Ontario. 

Families First parent education workshops

SickKids CCMH offers a variety of different topics relevant to parents and focuses on concerns that children and youth may be dealing with. These parent education workshops are free to attend, and offered at both our location sites, Sheppard and Jarvis.  Presently, they occur monthly, and registration is required.


Outpatient mental health services

At SickKids CCMH, we provide a wide range of specialized assessment and treatment services on an outpatient basis, meaning that children, youth and families are seen at one of our sites for their appointments.

We provide family-based care through various types of services. Most families begin with a Single Session Consultation session, that may include caregivers alone or with their children. Single Session Consultation is a two-hour session with two child and family therapists who help families focus on one or two goals they would like to address.

Should families need services beyond the single session, they may be referred to brief family therapy services which provides up to six sessions of family therapy. Where appropriate, children, youth and families may receive services for a longer duration. Collaboratively, the therapist will help the family develop goals for treatment that meet the individual needs of the child. The structure and frequency of the sessions is worked out with the family and will depend on the treatment goals.

Parent and children’s groups are also available.

Our intake professionals will gather information from a potential client and their family and will work with them and our clinical teams to determine which service is best suited to their needs.

Call our Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 or email us at

French language services – Espace Jeunesse

In partnership with the Centre Francophone (CF), SickKids CCMH provides mental health services for francophone children and youth between birth and 18 years, and their families.

French-speaking social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists from SickKids CCMH work with CF staff to help children, youth and their families presenting with various mental health difficulties.  

All French language services are delivered at the Centre Francophone site and include:
  • Consultation and support in the school environment;
  • Individual and/or family assessments;
  • Individual and/or family therapy and counselling;
  • Programs and workshops for young people at school and in the community; and
  • Specialized (psychological and psychiatric) assessments.   
For further information about our French language services, please call 416-922-2672, ext. 294 or 257.

Intensive Services for Children (aged 6 to 12)

Day Treatment

SickKids CCMH offers a Day Treatment program at our Sheppard site for children aged 6 to 12 who are experiencing significant and chronic social, emotional or behavioural challenges that prevent them from being successful within a community school setting.

To inquire about these services or to make a referral, please call the SickKids CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 or email us at

Intensive In-home Treatment program

The Intensive In-home Treatment program provides in-home mental health services for children aged 6 to 12 and their families/caregivers living within the City of Toronto. The program is designed to assist children who are at risk of out-of-home placement (hospital/residential/school) due to significant emotional, behavioural or psychiatric challenges.

For more information about our Intensive In-home Treatment program, please call the SickKids CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708.

Referrals to this program must be made through Toronto’s Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS) at 416-482-7884. The CARS process requires that an existing service provider make the referral; families cannot self-refer.  

Intensive Child and Family Services

Intensive Child and Family Services (ICFS) provides in-home and in-school support services for children, youth and their caregivers who are committed to actively participating in the construction of goals, strategies, and treatment for a minimum of two to four 4 sessions per week.  ICFS is considered to be a shorter term (up to 10 weeks) and highly focused branch of the Intensive In-Home Treatment program.

For more information about ICFS, please call the SickKids CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 or email us at

Intensive Services for Youth (aged 14 to 17)

SickKids CCMH offers an intensive treatment program for youth with significant mental health needs. Clients served in intensive treatment may have multiple mental health diagnoses and co-morbid conditions resulting in serious challenges with social, emotional and behavioural functioning. Clients must be 14 and/or enrolled in Grade 9 to start the program. Clients must enter treatment prior to their 18th birthday. Clients are permitted to complete treatment that continues a short time beyond their 18th birthday.

The program is located in downtown Toronto, and provides a day-based service combined with treatment in residence when needed. Admissions to the residence are time-limited and goal-focused.

Youth in this program attend one of four Toronto District School Board day treatment secondary school classrooms while receiving individual, group, family and milieu therapy. These classrooms have different criteria for placement and offer varying levels of support. Youth may transition between classrooms as they progress through their treatment.

The Intensive Services for Youth residence must be accessed through Toronto’s Centralized Access to Residential Services (CARS) at 416-482-7884. The CARS process requires that an existing service provider make the referral; families/youth cannot self-refer.

Potential clients wanting assistance with the CARS referral can call the SickKids CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708. 

For more information about the Intensive Services for Youth program, please call the SickKids CCMH Central Intake office at 416-924-1164, ext. 8708 or email us at

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