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Distance learning is now available

woman at computerAt SickKids CCMH Learning Institute, we are committed to advancing best practices through mental health training and education that is relevant and meets the needs of the community.

It is in that vein that we are pleased to announce that many of our trainings are NOW available via  LIVE WEBINAR.  As you continue to support those in our community via virtual platforms or the phone, we will strive to continue to support your professional development through distance learning.

During this transition, we ask for your patience as we make the switch to this alternative learning method for YOUR mental health training and education opportunities. We will continue to update our website and keep you informed of any changes. Further communication will be sent out directly to those registered in any training program with us between April 1 to July 31.

Live webinars

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.


girl at computer

From Covid to Cutting Edge: Virtual mental health care for children and youth

Additional Date TBC
Chetana Kulkarni, MD., FRCP©., Seena Grewal, MD., FRCP©., Jennifer Felsher, PhD. Moderated by: Chris Bartha, MSW., RSW.

Discuss practical considerations for clinicians offering direct-to-client virtual mental health care for children, youth and families. Limited space is available.

woman at a computer

Redefining Intensive Services on Virtual Platforms: the CV19 experience

May 21, 2020 | 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. 
Registration is on a first come first serve basis

Facilitators: Catherine McCabe, BA., CYCP.,
Aparna Kajenthira, MSW., RSW., Courtney Benoy
Moderated by: Chris Bartha, MSW., RSW.

This virtual presentation and discussion present the salient learnings at SickKids and creates a platform for a shared discussion across providers in Toronto and the province. Limited space is available.
rocks balanced in a tower

Digital Compassion and Digital Self-Compassion: Self-care in a virtual world 

May 28, 2020 | 11 a.m. to 12 noon
Registration is on a first come first serve basis

Facilitator: Allison Crawford, MD., PhD., FRCP©.
Moderated by: Chris Bartha, MSW., RSW. 

Gain an understanding of the concepts of digital compassion, digital self-compassion and learn strategies for self-care in your own virtual mental health practice. Limited space is available.

human head with colourful lights inside brainCertificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Level 1: Practical solutions to real world problems

June 4, 5, 11 and 12, 2020
Live webinar
Nili R. Benazon, PhD.

Learn the main strategies for cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) in this four-day introductory certificate program.
Child in front of computer with headphones on


Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Online Therapy with Children

June 10, 2020  |  10:00 a.m. to 12 noon (SOLD OUT)
Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S

Do you work with children and are now wondering how to do this online in the midst of a pandemic? Join child therapist expert and best-selling author Liana Lowenstein for this live webinar.

group of smiling adolescents

Working with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help Adolescents 

June 15, 16 | 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and June 26, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
Live webinar 

Facilitators: Mary Bell, MSW., RSW., Sheri Turrell PhD.

This webinar aims to provide an introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for clinicians working with adolescents.

letters spelling out PTSDTrauma-Focused CBT for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

June 17, 2020
Live webinar 
Vivien Lee, PhD., C.Psych.

Understand the significant physiological, emotional and cognitive components of the trauma response and how they contribute to the development and maintenance of trauma symptoms and PTSD.


sad child looking out windowCreative CBT Interventions for Children with Anxiety

June 18, 2020
Live webinar 

Facilitator Liana Lowenstein, MSW, RSW, CPT-S.

Anxiety disorders represent one of the most prevalent forms of psychopathology among children and this is dramatically on the rise given the current pandemic. Gain an overview of CBT along with innovative techniques to assess and treat children with anxiety.

young kid sitting alone with head downTreating Anxious Children in Anxious Times: An approach to promoting adaptive anxiety in children and teenagers

June 19, 2020 
Live webinar 
 Alex Russell, PhD., C.Psych.

This webinar provides an approach to treating children and teenagers with anxiety issues within the current cultural context. 

man holding his head with many thoughts floating aroundCognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

June 22, 2020 
Live webinar 
Noah Lazar, PhD., C.Psych.

Acquire CBT models and conceptualizations of OCD and GAD, along with adaptations, cognitive and behavioural techniques specific to these populations. 

human head silhouette repeatedIdentifying, Assessing and Treating Concurrent Disorders with Teens and Adults

June 29, 2020
Live webinar 

Facilitator: Ian Robertson, MSW., RSW.

Gain an overview for assessment, practical applications and clinical tools and strategies when working with concurrent disorders in clients.

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black and white image of a sad man


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Treatment for Depression

June 30, 2020 | 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Live webinar

Facilitator: Noah Lazar, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Learn the effective use of CBT in treating depression, and addressing negative thoughts, behavioural activation and modifying core beliefs.

image of block person on a block overseeing othersCertificate for New Supervisors: Develop and enhance your supervisory skills in the Health and Human Service sector

July 6, 7, 8, 9, 2020
Live webinar series

Facilitators: Susan Geary, PhD., Marion Langford, M.Ed.

Gain practical tools, frameworks, strategies and techniques that build the basis of successful leadership skills. Register for the full certificate program webinar series, or any one of the individual modules/webinars.
Module Overview:
July 6 | Module 1: Essential Skills
July 7 | Module 2: Leadership and Motivation
July 8 | Module 3: Holding Difficult Conversations
July 9 | Module 4: Building and Sustaining your Credibility and Influence.

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human brain made of gearsAdapting the Unified Protocol for the Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders to an Online Environment

July 10, 2020 
Live webinar
Facilitator: Lance L. Hawley, PhD., C.Psych., (Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)

The unified protocol for the treatment of emotional disorders is a transdiagnostic, emotion-focused cognitive-behavioral treatment approach that is used to treat specific cognitive, behavioral, and emotional difficulties that occur when clients experience mood and anxiety disorders. 


cracked, dry soil with a small green plant growingWhen the Well is Dry: Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and self-care

July 13, 2020
Live webinar
 Cleo Haber, BSW., MSW., RSW.

Learn to distinguish between compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and burnout along with the risk factors and strategies associated with each. 


human brain as colourful puzzle piecesBecoming an Adult Attachment-Focused Therapist: Shifting framework in therapeutic work

July 14, 2020
Live webinar
 Annette Kussin, MSW., RSW.

This webinar will present a model of therapy that will shift participant’s theoretical framework to that of Attachment-Focused Therapy. 


child shadow pointing a chalk drawings of rocket ship

Anxiety and the Gift of the Imagination: A clinical model for helping children understand and manage anxiety

July 21, 2020
Live webinar 
Robin Alter, PhD., C.Psych.

Explore a new way to help children understand and manage their anxiety with this successful therapeutic formulation of anxiety along with a clinical model for working with children and anxiety management. 



child playing on sidewalkThe Basics of Therapeutic Conversations with Children: How to work with children when you’re not a child therapist

July 22, 2020
Live webinar
Guest facilitator: Pamela K. King, MS., LMFT.,

Ms. King is an enthusiastic and experienced solution focused practitioner, international speaker, author and trainer

This interactive, online training will give clinicians hands-on, step-by-step tools and strategies for effective therapeutic outcomes with children and families.

child and fathers handsHelping Families Heal: Addressing and treating trauma in children, youth and families

July 27, 2020
Live webinar

Facilitators: Janine Lawford, MSW., RSW.,
Erica Watson, MSW., RSW.

Explore the background of how trauma impacts children and families and how best to work with these clients to identify myriad traumatic responses and encourage healing in the family system.

Narrative Therapy Certificate: Actively engage and leave empowered to implement change

August 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2020
Live webinar series 
Bonnie Miller, MSW., RSW.

Gain a clear set of steps to incorporate this therapeutic model into best practices and break down the theory of narrative therapy into skills that can be practiced immediately.


Certificate programs

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.


human brain as puzzle pieces with one red piece

Certificate in Trauma Counselling for Mental Health Professionals: Level 1 trauma certificate

Date to be confirmed
Natalie Zlodre, MSW., RSW.

This six-day certification program will provide the most current information on the biopsychosocial phenomenon of trauma, along with training in how to assess and respond ethically and appropriately to adult clients.


image of angry man screaming

Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour (UMAB) Certificate: Safely manage aggressive behaviour in children, youth and/or adults.

Two-day, or Three-day Program
October 5, 6 and 7, 2020
 Official UMAB Canada Trainer

The UMAB certificate program is a skills-based training program that is an intensive and highly effective method of safely managing aggressive children, youth or adults.  


Workshops: Working with children, youth and families

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.


group of multicultural youth

Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Racialized Young People

September 23, 2020
Amy Gajaria, MD., FRCP©.

This training will give guidance to professionals in providing culturally competent clinical care for underserved, diverse, racialized young people and their families. 


child's brain with pieces of tape holding sections togetherUnderstanding the Effects of Trauma on Brain Development

October 8 and 9, 2020
 Geraldine Crisci, MSW., RP. 
author, professional trainer, speaker and practitioner.

This workshop will present the effects of early childhood trauma on brain development integrating an attachment and developmental lens and provide a framework for understanding the implications of neglect, chaotic and violent environments on behavioural presentations in children. 
family playing a board game

Essential Theory and Practical Skills for Child-Focused Family Therapy

October 28, 2020
Liana Lowenstein, MSW., RSW., CPT-S., Greg Lubimiv, MSW., CPT-S.

This training will present the rationale for child-focused family sessions, and will outline the major models and essential skills of family therapy. 


family playing a board game

Creative Techniques for Child-Focused Family Therapy

October 29, 2020
Liana Lowenstein, MSW., RSW., CPT-S., best-selling author and one of Canada's foremost presenters on childhood trauma.

Learn innovative techniques to engage, assess and treat families in child-focused family therapy sessions that provides a medium for all members to participate, and promotes positive family interaction.


group of school age children smiling and holding hands

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS) at School: Moving from power and control to collaboration and problem solving

December 3 and 4, 2020
 Ross W. Greene, PhD., clinical child psychologist, author and public speaker.

Understand the underpinnings of the six key themes of the CPS model, its refinements over the past 8-10 years, along with practical identification, assessment and intervention tools that can be brought back to and used in diverse settings.


Workshops: Working with adults

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.


a person in shadows with their hands covering their face

Getting Unstuck: Processing trauma-induced guilt and shame

Date to be confirmed
Natalie Zlodre, MSW., RSW.

Acquire the skills to organize conversations with clients and help them face the unspoken needs and dilemmas that drive the guilt and shame experience.


group of people with one orange person facing opposite direction

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): An introduction to essential components

October 1 and 2, 2020
 Lyndsey Davies, MSW., RSW.

This two-day introductory workshop will present the theoretical underpinnings of DBT, the group and individual components, along with DBT skills from each of the four modules.


image of the whole human body linked together

Occupation and Trauma: Expanding occupational therapy practice

November 3 and 4, 2020
Megan Edgelow, MSc., (RHBS.), Heidi Cramm, PhD.

Explore the nature and prevalence of trauma and resulting impacts, introduce and utilize the Occupational Therapy Trauma Intervention Framework (OTTIF), and present holistic practice methods that include families and support networks. 


blue human silhouettes with one orange

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): Advanced training for formulating effective treatment plans for complex clients

November 17 and 18, 2020
Lyndsey Davies, MSW., RSW.

This advanced training will provide a more in-depth understanding of DBT, with respect to developing a DBT-based case formulation and understanding of the controlling variables of problematic behaviours and methods to recognize and address secondary targets.



Leadership training
for health and human service professionals

Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.

a group of small white paper airplane being lead by a larger yellow paper airplaneEssential Skills for the New Supervisor: Making the successful transition to supervisor

July 6, 2020
Live webinar
Facilitator: Susan Geary, PhD.

This training will focus on the multi-faceted role of the supervisor and how to provide supervision to employees through the use of effective leadership strategies.

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a row of white balloons with one red balloon in the middle floating higherLeadership and Motivation for Supervisors: Engage and inspire employees to achieve success and motivate performance

July 7, 2020
Live webinar
Susan Geary, PhD.

Examine the supervisor's role in leading and motivating employees through needs assessment tools and appropriate leadership style. 

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a professional man speaking to a group of people

Holding Difficult Conversations for Supervisors: An essential skill for a supervisor

July 8, 2020
Live webinar
 Marion Langford, M.Ed.

Gain insight, tools and strategies for holding difficult conversations through the use of appreciative listening, identifying conflict patterns, understanding the observational process and how to create and communicate boundaries/limits.

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group of professionals with one person addressing the group

Building and Sustaining your Credibility and Influence as a New Supervisor

July 9, 2020
Live webinar
 Marion Langford, M.Ed.

Explore the how-to and strategies that can be used to meet the common credibility and influence challenges of new supervisors.

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professional presenting in front of a groupHave customized, interactive training sessions delivered by experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, where and when it is convenient for you with our Customized On-site Training Program.
Select from our full training line-up, or let us design a training program to suit your specific learning objectives.

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Photography is being used for illustrative purposes only and any person depicted in the content is a model, except where indicated.