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About SickKids CCMH Learning Institute

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Distance learning is now available

woman at computerWe are pleased to announce that many of our trainings are NOW available via  LIVE WEBINAR . As many of you continue to support those in our community via virtual platforms or the phone, we will strive to continue to support your professional development through distance learning.

During this transition, we ask for your patience as we make the switch to this alternative learning method for YOUR mental health training and education opportunities. We will continue to update our website and keep you informed of any changes. 

How we are navigating Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Like many businesses, we have spent the past few months navigating this ever-changing environment and shifting the nature of our business in the midst of this pandemic. At the start of this pandemic we postponed many of our trainings, as we believed this to be in the best interest of our members and the broader community. Since that time, we have received valuable feedback requesting access to distance learning (webinars) and thus our focus has been on transitioning our training and education to this virtual platform to continue to meet your professional development needs.

We will continue to actively monitor the COVID-19 and follow the guidelines and recommendations of all levels of government and health authorities; should circumstances require that we make additional changes to the nature of our business, we will continue to keep you informed.

Finally, we would like to thank the many front-line workers and volunteers across the province who work every day to keep the rest of our community safe and healthy. We appreciate the commitment, dedication and sacrifices you (and your families) make for the rest of us. On behalf of the staff, facilitators and members at SickKids CCMH Learning Institute, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Leading the way in mental health training and education

At SickKids CCMH Learning Institute, we are committed to advancing best practices through mental health education. Our goal is to build knowledge and capacity in mental health through education and outreach in the community. We offer advanced education to those who work in a variety of health and human service professions. By inviting locally and internationally recognized leaders in the field of mental health, our goal is to provide the highest quality evidence-based learning available. Find YOUR training with SickKids CCMH Learning Institute.

The SickKids CCMH Learning Institute was established in 1986 (originally Hincks Dellcrest Centre, Gail Appel Institute), to respond to the challenge of improved mental health care for children, by providing advanced training, research and community consultation in the area of children’s mental health. Since that time the volume and scope of the activities have grown significantly.

SickKids CCMH Learning Institute’s training department offers a range of educational opportunities in mental health and related fields. Training is delivered in the form of workshops, seminars, certificate courses, and conferences in collaboration with University of Toronto's, Faculty of Social Work, and the Continuing Education Department at O.I.S.I.E., University of St. Thomas / Florida, and Dalhousie University's, Department of Social Work. Increasingly, SickKids CCMH Learning Institute is forming strategic alliances with universities and organizations in both locally and internationally. 

More about our institute

One of the primary activities is knowledge creation, development and transfer. We accomplish this through our own research and evaluation initiatives, which create innovation through the expansion and extension of existing knowledge and theoretical models. By sharing this innovative work with other practitioners in the field through education, we improve practice, responsiveness and the quality of services for children and families.

Another way of extending existing knowledge is by creating forums to bring together the cutting-edge thinkers, academics, researchers and practitioners to engage in spirited dialogue, encouraging a healthy questioning of taken-for-granted thinking and moving toward what is possible to know and do. To this end we have created conferences that promote fresh new ideas, and thinking that is so far out-of-the-box such that it stands just beyond the cutting edge of innovation.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

We would love to hear from you. Please contact Mary Anne Van Rooyen via email at, toll-free: 1-855-944-4673, or local: 416-924-1164, ext. 3233.

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