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Client and family/caregiver feedback

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (SickKids CCMH) strives to: provide the best quality service to children and families with complex mental health needs; respect the rights and dignity of children and families whom we serve; and be open and responsive to the perspectives of children and families/caregivers about the services that they are receiving.

We believe that a positive care experience happens through good communication, mutual respect, and true partnership between patients, families, caregivers, and staff.

We care about your experience and welcome you to share your concerns, comments, suggestions, or compliments.

Positive feedback is welcome at any level of the organization via or in writiing to the Clinical Director, at any of our sites (scroll down for site addresses).

Process for raising a concern 

For service recipients or members of the public who would like to raise a concern or complaint, our process is to respond in a manner that is timely, fair and respectful. SickKids CCMH is committed to demonstrating transparency and responsiveness to concerns/complaints that may arise in relation to service delivery.

Many concerns may be resolved quickly and easily, often at the time they arise, through discussion with SickKids CCMH staff during regular service contacts. All SickKids CCMH staff will assist in answering questions and attempting to resolve concerns identified by clients, their families, individuals representing clients or the public.

Patients/clients may raise issues of concern at any time (and in the presence of other children or youth clients if they wish to do so) by speaking to a SickKids CCMH staff person. They may otherwise raise issues of concern in private.

If the matter cannot be resolved in this manner, or if a patient/client, family member, caregiver, individual representing a patient/client or member of the public wishes to file a formal complaint, the complaint may be submitted by email to or in writing, to the attention of the Complaints Manager, at any of our sites (scroll down for site addresses). 

Read our full policy and procedure.