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Message from Board Chair

Looking forward with our new strategic plan

Dear friends,

This first full year of the integration between The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (SickKids CCMH) has brought a lot of successful change to the way we provide mental health services across the continuum of care. To name a few, we've:
  • Developed more integrated pathways for referrals from hospital to community and community to hospital: over 20 patients this year have been part of an enhanced transition process from or to community services. We will continue to grow this area in the coming years.
  • Leveraged an expanded team of experts: SickKids CCMH staff have called upon SickKids expertise on managing complex care cases (clients with physical and mental health needs), while SickKids staff have worked together with SickKids CCMH to transition hospital patients into community or home care. This has enabled us to leverage each other’s expertise to provide the best care for our clients.
  • Developed a new strategic plan (see below): The plan will propel our shared vision forward as we continue to improve quality of care and outcomes for children and youth with mental health needs together.

Moving into the future with our new strategic plan

This past winter and spring, we held several engagement sessions, asking clients, families, caregivers, managers, and staff what we needed to prioritize at SickKids CCMH to accelerate our impact in the field of mental health and improve access to care over the next two years. Building on the current strategic plan and principles at SickKids, and our stakeholder input and community priorities, we arrived at our new strategic plan and purpose statement: "Committed to our Community, Building Connections, Accelerating Impact."

Strategic Plan purpose statement

Our stakeholder input was organized into several themes, which were incorporated into the plan and strategy map, below. The map provides an overview of the six strategic areas of our strategic plan, mirroring the keys areas of the SickKids plan.

Strategy Map

We realize that in our partnership with SickKids, and the alignment of our strategic plans, we are in a rare position to help our most vulnerable children and youth. Through our integration we will be able to achieve much more than either of us could achieve alone and we can enhance the entire mental health continuum of care in our community, working towards our goal of building a seamless model of care.

Dr. Michael Apkon
Chair, Board of Trustees
SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health
For the SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health Board