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SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH), formerly The Hincks-Dellcrest Centre, provides advanced training in psychiatry, psychology, and social work through fellowship positions of one or two years' duration. Trainees holding these fellowships carry joint appointments as junior staff of CCMH.

Since 1989, CCMH has graduated over 100 fellows who are currently practising across Canada and the United States.

The main objective of the clinical fellowship program is leadership training. Children's mental health is a young profession. Until very recently, we have depended almost entirely on our leaders receiving training abroad, in the United States and the United Kingdom. Our best students have not had adequate advanced training opportunities in Canada.

Our fellowship program aims to correct this. We offer one or two years of focused post-qualification study to professionals of many disciplines. Fellowships are full-time and include seminars, clinical supervision, and academic tutoring. Areas of study include:
  • Important new knowledge of emotional, social, and cognitive development;
  • Effective new intervention methods and opportunities to specialize in a particular area of practice; and
  • Community consultation and community-wide approaches.
The research fellowship program provides an opportunity for postgraduates to dedicate one to two years to research methodology. Areas of study include:
  • Infant mental health;
  • Prevention of mental health problems;
  • Community outreach; and
  • Language and cognitive disorders.
Funding is available for a limited number of psychologist and social work placements. Psychiatry fellowships are self-funded through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) billings. Psychiatry fellows require a valid license to practise in the province of Ontario.

If you are interested in applying social work fellowships, please see the attached document for details of application process.

For more information regarding social work fellowship, contact:

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health
440 Jarvis Street
Toronto, ON  M4Y 2H4
Telephone: (416) 924-1164, ext. 4243
Fax: (416) 924-8208

For more information regarding psychiatry and research fellowships, contact:

SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health
114 Maitland Street
Toronto, ON M4Y 1E1
Telephone: (416) 972-1935, ext. 3309
Fax: (416) 924-9915